Friday, February 3, 2012

Just some sentences.

Disclaimer: This is just a bunch of random sentences thrown together because I want to get them out. If Blogger had a "make this entry non-viewable because it has zero point whatsoever" feature, I'd use it on this post.

I think, in the 26.5 years I've been around, this is probably ranking up in the top 5 of the most stressed/overwhelmed I've ever been, and it's showing. My attitude has probably been less than spectacular these past few weeks. By some miracle, I've only managed to get in trouble like once last week.

I'm averaging maybe 2 hours of sleep on a good night. Today, we wound up in the ER with our son, who now has RSV and pneumonia.

I just keep telling myself everything will be fine but so far I can't convince myself of that.


  1. Oh, bless him, he is one sick baby!! I know how hard that is, especially when you're exhausted from lack of sleep. Will send Up prayers for you all.

  2. Real sorry Chelsea...will pray for healing and the opportunity for some sleep for you.

  3. Much to worry about. Little ones getting sick are so tough on mom. Prayers for healing and sleep.

  4. We went through that. I remember climbing up into the oxygen tent to nurse. Take some pictures. He'll want to know all about it when he gets bigger. Mine is 13 now. Be warned you may be dealing with croup after this. Before you go rushing to the hospital when you hear that seal bark, try taking him out into the cold night air. We still sit out on the front porch wrapped in blankets at 2 am every now an then. They told us it is common in babies that had rsv. Believe it or not, we both look back on those times with fond memoriesv as great bonding times.
    I hope you can get some rest. Be thankful for modern medicine!

  5. So sorry to hear about your son, Chelsea. I know you'd much rather it be happening to you than to your baby. It is such a helpless feeling isn't it?
    Will be praying for his quick recovery and that the Lord will give you and Clint strength and peace while you wait it out.

    BTW, I too managed to get into more trouble after having my first child. I tend to blame it in the changing hormones going on in my body, but I think it was also the lack of sleep that comes with that first year or two. You have a great attitude....
    You always write so positively that it encourages me to do better.

    Hang in there, tomorrow will be a better day.

  6. I hope your son recovers soon. I went through my oldest daughter having RSV and I remember how scarey that was. I just wanted you to know your son is my prayers and I hope he is better soon.

  7. Please don't worry about your posts Chelsea. We enjoy them, but nothing is more important than you getting rest and taking care of your son. You both are in our prayers.

  8. Praying for your family! Nothing can be more stressful than to have a sick baby!! ((hugs))

  9. I'm praying for all three of you, Chelsea! I can imagine how scary that must be; I hope the little guy feels better soon!

    And btw, I so understand trying to keep your attitude right when you're so stressed and overwhelmed, I'm going through some of that too. Its so hard, and good job for only getting in trouble once with such stress going on! That's incredible! :D

    Hang in there! Hugs!

    Kay :)

  10. Praying for a speedy recovery. Know how stressful that is.

  11. You are all in our thoughts. We hope your son gets better soon. I love your posts but concentrate on getting some rest and getting the little one better. Sending our love from across the pond here in the UK xxxx

  12. Oh Good Luck
    RSV can be scary, wishing your little guys a speedy recovery. Hang in there!!