Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Learning Domestic Discipline Five Things Series: Spring Fever Edition!


Can y'all believe today is officially the first day of Spring? This year is already flying by.

If you're new to The 5 Things Series, here's how it works:

Write about 2 domestic discipline related things
Write about 1 personal thing
Link one other DD blog
Link one website of the week (either DD or non-DD..doesn’t matter)
  • Our new posting schedule starts the first week of April. If you haven't seen it yet, you can read all about it (and find out how to get involved) by clicking HERE. As part of the new posting schedule, The 5 Things series will be a regular rotation (every other Friday starting the second week of April!).
  • March is Q&A Month in Blogland! We do Q&A's a little different here at Learning Domestic Discipline. If you have a question that you'd like answered, feel free to send it in! Your question will be featured (anonymously) as part of our Mailbag Monday series!
  • Random Personal Facts Time: We haven't done a Five Things post in awhile, or really any type of personal post, so here's some random tidbits to catch you up on what's been going on in our lives:
    • Our son is now officially 20 months old, and so smart.I feel like we talk about that in every entry, but it's true. He really is our entire world. His latest phrase is "ready, set, go!". Yeah. He's perfect.
    • If you've never been spanked with a tilt-wand, let me just tell you. They hurt! Like, really hurt. Like, really hurt way worse than I ever thought they would. Thankfully, I only got a few (about 2 or 3..) swats with one (because our wooden cane mysteriously got lost in our move last month. Whoops.) but the tilt wand is fully something I expect to avoid in the future.
    • We're getting ready for summer vacation time! We have 1 trip booked for this spring, and are hoping to take a Hawaii vacation in late summer or early fall, schedule permitting. This is, by far, my favorite time of year.
    • We've been loving our new neighborhood, and city. I was a little stressed last month about how this move, to a whole new location, would go, but it's been great. We love our new house, and surroundings. The best part is there's a lake nearby (with parks surrounding it, open fields, miles of walking trails, etc.) and we pretty much live there on the weekends.
    • We're excited it's March Madness time! We live in a huge "basketball capital" with major basketball schools like NC State, Duke, and UNC all near us. So, basketball is huge here. As my husband put it the other day, this is one of his favorite times of the year.
    • I actually asked for a maintenance spanking recently. All my friends probably think I'm crazy, but really, it helps with stress. I still don't think I'm ready to make it a regular part of DD for us (and thankfully, my husband isn't either) but they do help with stress from time to time.
  • This is a fantastic post by another domestic discipline "blogland" member, Callie from About Us in Oz. It's called Submission vs. Fear and is not only thought provoking, but extremely well written. Awesome work Callie!
  • If you're ever in need of something that will make you smile, restore your faith in humanity, and make you feel good this post does just that. It's called 26 Moments That Restored Our Faith in Humanity (with pictures). Needless to say, it's worth reading/looking at. In a world full of crime news, sad stories, and war, this post is what every person needs to read.
Happy Spring, everyone!
-Clint & Chelsea

Friday, March 8, 2013

$100 Amazon Giftcard Winner Announced!

February was a huge month for Learning Domestic Discipline. We reached some incredible milestones, launched dozens of new features, and ran our first promotion. We’re happy to report that our first promotion was not only a big success, but has led to us deciding to run multiple promotions each year. Our next one will begin on April 15th, 2013 and will run for about 6 weeks featuring all new items, packages, and more incredible deals.
But, back to the fun stuff- as part of our February promotion, we also included a raffle, and today was the big drawing. If you’re curious how the raffle worked, we broke it down for you.
  • Your raffle ticket number is your customer order number that was on your receipt when you purchased a package.
  • If you purchased packages 2, 4, or 5 your packages contained multiple raffle tickets. So, your order number was entered into our system multiple times. For example, if your order number was 10, and your purchased package 5, the number 10 was entered into our random number generator 4 times (since package 5 came with 4 tickets).
  • We used RandomPicker, which is a random number generating software used specifically for giveaways, raffles,etc. We entered in all the information, and the system randomly generates a number. This saves us from having to do the old-fashioned way of writing everything on paper and drawing out of a hat. :)
  • We are giving away a $100 Amazon gift card and a free year to the LDD Social Network.
and the winner is….

Order #295!

If you were order #295, we sent you an email. You have until Monday March 11th, 2013 to respond to our email. If there is no response, we will pick a new winner on Tuesday March 12th, 2013 and this post will be updated.
Congratulations to our winner!!
-Clint and Chelsea

Saturday, March 2, 2013

What's New at Learning Domestic Discipline

Note: You can also read this entry on our new Learning Domestic Discipline site.

February has been quite the month for Learning Domestic Discipline. Honestly, it has probably been the busiest month we've had since we launched our blogs (in 2011), and definitely since we launched our website (just a few months ago). You might want to get comfortable, because this post is most likely going to be really long. But, it's also really exciting! We have done so much in February and the best part is that we're just getting started! :)



In the upcoming months, the first Learning Domestic Discipline newsletter will be launching. The newsletter will include a featured article, FAQs and all sorts of domestic discipline related content. It will be delivered once a month to your inbox and that will be the only email you will receive from Learning Domestic Discipline each month. We won't spam you, we promise. :)

Subscribe via Email

We now have a feature where if you would like to subscribe to our blog, via email, you can using the sign-up form on the right sidebar of our Learning Domestic Discipline blog. By subscribing via email you will receive an email when we post new content on our blog so that you can be kept "in the loop".

We Have a New Website: Beginning Domestic Discipline!

This has been a giant work in progress and we are so excited to present to you our brand new site, Beginning Domestic Discipline, which was created for those who are new to the lifestyle, or considering it. We wanted to give beginners (and soon-to-be-beginners) a place of their own.

The New Beginning Domestic Discipline Blog is Also Ready!

While creating the new Beginning Domestic Discipline site, it dawned on us that, really, beginners should get their own blog too. So, we built a Beginning Domestic Discipline blog. Similar to our Learning Domestic Discipline blog, the Beginning Domestic Discipline blog will be updated with content, and will follow the same posting schedule as the Learning Domestic Discipline blog.

Brand New FREE Downloadable Beginner Packets

Sticking with our idea of providing more information to those beginning, or wanting to begin the domestic discipline lifestyle, we have put together a beginner packet for you to download. The beginner packet downloads in PDF format right to your computer and can easily be read on your mobile device, iPad or other tablet, Kindle or other eReader, or right from your computer. It can also be printed out. The downloadable beginner packet is over 50 pages long and features everything you need to begin the lifestyle from how to talk to your partner about domestic discipline all the way to lectures, spankings, rewarding, and much more. Best of all - it's free!

If You Missed the February New eBook Promotions Don't Worry!

First, we will be running another promotion starting on April 15th featuring all new material, and all new packages. But secondly, if you missed your chance to get our new eBook, Domestic Discipline Boot Camp for Beginners, you can join our wait list. By joining our wait  list you will receive access to a one-day only private pre-release sale (date to be determined, but you will receive an email) as well as a discount.

Learning Domestic Discipline Got a Makeover!

We're sure you've noticed, by now, that the Learning Domestic Discipline blog looks completely different. We re-designed it in an effort to make it more stream-lined and easier to read, as well as easier to find the content you are looking for. We hope you love it!
In addition to the blog, we've also completely redone the Learning Domestic Discipline homepage to match with a more stream-lined and easier to read look.

The Learning Domestic Discipline Blog is Now Available On Your Mobile Device!

The Learning Domestic Discipline blog is now compatible to be viewed (in a really easy to read format!) on any mobile device or tablet. Other entities of Learning Domestic Discipline, such as the Learning Domestic Discipline main site, Beginning Domestic Discipline site, and Beginning Domestic Discipline blog ARE able to be viewed on your mobile device currently, however certain parts may appear jumbled. In the near future, ALL entities of Learning Domestic Discipline will be extremely easy to view, and read, on your mobile device, but for now, the Learning Domestic Discipline blog is ready to go.
To view the Learning Domestic Discipline blog's new mobile version, simply go to the homepage ( on any mobile device or tablet.

We Have a New Posting Schedule

Beginning in April, the Learning Domestic Discipline blog will be on a posting schedule. The posting schedule will mean that new content will be posted on the Learning Domestic Discipline (and Beginning Domestic Discipline!) blog FOUR days a week!

We are Looking for Guest Bloggers!

As part of our new posting schedule we will be featuring submissions from guest bloggers to feature every other Saturday starting in April. We will pay you for each entry that we publish.

We are Taking Your Questions!

Also as part of our new posting schedule we will be featuring your questions (and our answers!) every Monday beginning in April, but feel free to submit your questions now! You can ask us anything you'd like, domestic discipline related questions or otherwise.  Although if the questions get TOO personal, chances are they won't be answered.

 Wow, that was a lot to type! And, probably even more for you to read. If you missed anything, don't worry. All of these features are conveniently located around the Learning Domestic Discipline homepage, the Learning Domestic Discipline blog, the Beginning Domestic Discipline homepage, and the Beginning Domestic Discipline blog.
We also did not forget about the following:
  • The comment archives. The comment archive page will feature all of the comments from our previous blogs (Learning Domestic Discipline, and Knowing Your Roles) in a categorized, easy to read format. 
  • The HOH Headquarters, which will feature an "HOH only" area including chat nights, Q&A section, and much much more.
  • The DD Wives Club, which is similar to the HOH HQ except is only for submissive partners. The DD Wives Club will feature chat nights, forums, book clubs, and a TON more.
So, there is an overview of everything we have done this past month. Don't forget, we also have a social networkforums, and lots more on the way.

We are JUST getting started, and have dozens of things in store for Learning Domestic Discipline over the next few months, the year, and beyond. We hope you are as excited as we are!

-Clint and Chelsea