Saturday, November 10, 2012

The LDD Forums have LAUNCHED!

I've been waiting for this day forever, it seems like. After countless hours of work, money, and stress, the first step in our new site is officially ready to launch!

For those of you who haven't heard, my husband and I have decided to combine our blogs into one "brand". We're extremely excited to launch our brand new site,, in just a few weeks. For a more in depth look at what the new site will feature, please visit my husbands latest blog entry. But, in the meantime, the first segment is launching tonight- the LDD Forums!

The forums are completely free, and include places to ask questions, post your personals ads, get advice, meet other DD couples, and much more. 

To join the forums please follow the below steps:

1: Go to

2: Click register in the top left corner.

3: Read and agree to the registration rules and agreement.

4: Choose your username and password.

5: Start posting!

That's it! :) 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 

We look forward to seeing everyone over there in the future.

-Chelsea (and Clint)


  1. Chelsea, it sounds like exciting things are happening with your writing. Wonderful! Thanks so much for saying hello at Alais Heart.

  2. Hey Chelsea!!! I just wanted to say congrats on all the new things you guys have going on. I haven't been around because we have had a lot going on lately, but I have been keeping up with your blog and I am excited about your new website :) Anyways, I hope everything is going good for you guys!


  3. Is there a problem getting the email verification, it has been since the 12th. I would love to see your forums

    1. It should take no longer than 15 minutes to receive a verification email. Since you have not received yours yet you can go to the forum homepage ( and in the upper left hand corner it will say Resend verification email (underneath where you log in). Follow those instructions to have the verification email resent.

      If that still doesn't work email me (my email is under the Contact Me tab of my blog) and I'd be happy to help you further.


  4. Chelsea, I love the forum- you guys did an awesome job. I don't know why you guys put so much hard work and effort into this community but we are soooo thankful for all that you do. A BIG THANK YOU to you two.

    btw - I nominated you for the liebster award.