Thursday, November 17, 2011

We made it!

Well, we made it! Road trip is over and we are HERE!

It was a long 5-day drive. A really, really long 5-day drive. I'm pretty sure we drove through some of the most boring parts of this country (Wyoming=awful) but we made it!

Along the way, we stopped numerous times (welcome to the world of having a 4 month old who, by the way, did AMAZING on our little cross country trek). We got to see some friends of ours in Kansas City that my husband hadn't seen in years. We also got to meet Jared and Rogue from Rogue's Awakening! Talk about 2 of the nicest people we had met in a long time! It was almost like we'd known each other forever. We talked about everything you could think of, and everything felt completely comfortable. Clint and I are both really looking forward to getting together with them again soon.

I managed to do pretty well behavioral wise throughout our little 5-day trip, probably because I was so sore from all the spankings I endured before we left Utah. I know I've stated this before, but seriously, road-tripping while you're sore is an awful, awful, awful idea.

Now that we've arrived at our "final destination" we're staying with some extended family of mine until we can close on our new house (around the first week of December). Although we have a LOT of our own space here, it's still nervewracking to see if Clint would spank me here, when we aren't in our own house. Lets just say..I don't intend to find out. Ever.


  1. I thought you two were pretty brave to set out with a 4-month-old in tow, but then I met the awesome little traveler. :) Glad to hear you arrived safely! It was really fun meeting you all!

  2. Glad you made it safely. Let me know when you wanna meet up :)

  3. Thats so sad that the person who is supposed to love you physically abuses you to the point where youre sore for days. I shudder to think what kind of parents you are. Do you beat your child?

  4. Hey!! You deleted me! I've been deleted! I once was here, not I'm not here anymore! :o(

    Just kidding... LOL

  5. To anonymous ....why do u care? Don't read her blogs if it bothers u so much!

  6. Chelsea, we know and you guys know you are awesome parents, Don't ever let other peoples negativity bring you down.

    Just pray for them because they obviously are not happy people, living with there obsession with DD.

    BTW, I nominated you for the VBA- take a look at my blog. :)