Sunday, September 11, 2011

United We Stand

September 11, 2001- Never Forget

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  1. My thoughts go out to all those innocent people who lost their lives 10 years ago. We were all so shocked here in the UK, we all just sat and stared in disbelief when we saw the towers collapse. It was like watching a movie and then the terrible realisation that we had witnessed so many die in front of our eyes. We have done everything possible to remember them all today. I hope they rest in peace knowing that neither of our great countries will ever give in to terrorism. God bless x x

  2. My husband was in DC then, on his way to work at the Pentagon. He was turned around to go back home with everybody else and from his home could smell the smoke, etc.

    I came very close to losing him. We weren't married yet, but engaged.

    It's been nearly ten years later -- and five children plus another on the way.