Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Surrendered Wife

Ever since my idea that was supposed to be great but wasn't ended up backfiring, it's been a struggle to get "back on track".

I found this book called The Surrendered Wife by Laura Doyle. It's essentially about this woman (the author) who was having issues in her marriage, and decided to "give up all the control" to her husband. Instead of trying to change all the things she didn't like about him, she decided to change herself.

Anyway, I'm about half-way through it now and it's really opened my eyes to a lot of things. I'm still struggling a little with letting my husband have all the control, but I just need to let go of that and trust that he makes the right decisions for our family. There's a lot of awesome points that the book brings up though, and it gives some great advice for submissive wives, and wives in a DD marriage. The bottom line is I highly suggest everyone read it (or, have your wives read it). It's a great book.

I wish I had more time to write, but my 2 month old is on this ridiculous schedule of literally not wanting to sleep AT ALL during the day (not even a little nap, lol). So, I better get going. But, if you get some time, check the book out. I plan to write more later, but until then.. have an awesome night everyone! :)



  1. a few ppl have commented on this book now so i may just have to give it a go - thanks for the shout out about it :)

  2. Also The Politically Incorrect Wife is a good read

  3. Thanks Sonia, I haven't heard of that one! I'll have to check it out.

    Oh, and Happy Anniversary!!!!! :)

  4. Thanks, Chelsea! I have to get that! Both that one and Sonia's too, actually... :)

  5. Chelsea
    I have been thinking of reading The Surrendered Wife for a while.

    Do you really like it? and agree with her recommendations? I have read MANY mixed reviews. It seems to me, from the reviews, and exerpts I have read of the book that Laura Doyle recommends ALOT of out right manipulation and basically being dishonest to your husband.
    I dont REALLY I said, its just from reading a little bit of the book from exerpts (which I know might be out of context) and many reviews. I have also read she recommends that you NOT let your husband know your reading this book....that seems really really wrong. I do want to read it, but I won't read in secrete, and I really dont want to have it around IF the suggestions are truely to manipulate my husband, I know he would look at the book, just based on the title, and I wouldn't want him to think I would play games like that, (IF thats what the book really advocates), I know that it probably has good points as well as bad, and I can just take from it what makes sense and discard the rest......., I'm gonna depend on you ladies to give me a REAL opinion of the book.

  6. have you read The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands???? Any opinions on that book?

  7. I had read The surrendered wife, The proper care of feeding husband and Fascinating Womanhood. In my opinion, I like the presentation in The proper care the most; a bit provoking but you know, the truth always hurt. Fascinating womanhood helps me to understand my role as a wife and make me more appreciate my husband. I always tell everyone if you found its hard to submit your husband, then try to read Fascinating Womanhood. Its write beautifully .

    I had no comment on surrendered wife, just read few chapters then I stop. May be I'll get back to the book when I have time.


  8. I haven't read The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands yet, but I'll check it out. The title sounds pretty funny, lol.

    As far as The Surrendered Wife, I'm only about half way through it, but once I'm done I'll post my thoughts on it as a whole. Give me a few more days. :)