Sunday, January 20, 2013

Some BIG News: Learning Domestic Discipline is HIRING!

When my husband and I first began Learning Domestic Discipline we had no idea that it would eventually become what it has. In just under 2 years we went from having blogs to a full-blown website, blog, social network, and forums that have all recently hit a record breaking number of traffic (and caused our bandwidth to completely overload!). While we are extremely grateful for everything, we are also extremely overwhelmed.

My husband and I have a list (a really, really long list) of things we want to implement into Learning Domestic Discipline over the course of the next few months, the next year, and beyond. Some projects are MAJOR (and life changing!) while others are minor but we still feel are important. After a lot of discussion, we have came to the realization that we just cannot do this on our own anymore.

So, we have decided it's time to bring in some backup! Clint and I will always remain the founders, operating owners, CEO's, whatever fancy name you want to give us, but we need YOU all to help us pull off our grand vision for the site! Despite how heavily we still plan to be involved, we need a lot of help because we have finally realized that running Learning Domestic Discipline really is a full time job. What you may read on our blog, or see on our site is a very small portion of Learning Domestic Discipline. What goes on behind the scenes is an incredible process, and we would love for you to be involved. 

Right now our team has 2 incredible employees who we are so grateful for. But, we are searching for a few more part time (with the potential to go full time in the future as we continue to expand) people.

Want to help us out and join our team? Awesome! Here are the current 2 positions we have open. *Please note that we will be rotating positions on/off this entry, and our site, as openings become available, so feel free to check back*

Marketing Manager

There are several new entities of Learning Domestic Discipline, as well as several current ones, that we need help marketing. Tasks would include:

  • Marketing the Learning Domestic Discipline brand on numerous different websites.
  • Manage Google Adwords
  • Market/promote several new Learning Domestic Discipline entities (which are currently a surprise so I can't list them here, sorry everyone!) 
  • Help with WordPress SEO
  • Manage Facebook ad account 
and much more. 

We would ideally love someone who has a background in marketing (whether professionally or on the side for other websites/small businesses). We would also love someone who currently practices domestic discipline, and who has a great knowledge of different web marketing platforms. 

Project Manager

We have a lot in the works for Learning Domestic Discipline and we would love to have someone help us logistically make some of these ideas work.

The exact task list would heavily depend on the project. Clint and I will most likely be the ones doing  the exact project, but we would love to have someone who could help us with things like:
  • Brainstorming new ideas 
  • Working closely with our other employees on task lists relating to that specific project
  •  Making sure project requirements are completed by specific deadlines
  • Helping contact companies, or people, who we may need involved in certain projects.
and much more. Please be a "team player" and easy to get along with, the ability to work around extremely tight deadlines, and available to contact (either by phone, text, email, etc.) easily as things may arise. 

Sorry we have to be so vague. We just have a lot of really big ideas that we can't let out of the bag now, but that gives you a small idea of what we need. 

 In addition to the above specific job requirements, you must:
  • Be ok with signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) form
  • Live in the United States (for tax reasons)
  • Have a basic knowledge of domestic discipline
IF INTERESTED please email us at contact (at) or by filling out this contact form. Your email must include the following:
  • Experience
  • Desired pay range (either weekly or biweekly)
  • Amount of hours you can work per week
  • Availability 
  • A good way to contact you (email, phone, Skype, etc. are all fine)
  • What you feel you can bring to the table
Please do not leave the above information in the comments. It must be emailed so we can easily sort through it.

Thank you all so much for making Learning Domestic Discipline what it is today. Although we are beyond overwhelmed, we are extremely grateful. 

Also, if you live out of the United States of America but are still wanting to get involved, we would love to have you volunteer! You can also email us at contact (at) or fill out this contact form

We hope you all are as excited as we are for the future of Learning Domestic Discipline. From the beginning, we have aimed to make this your community, your place to go for questions, advice, feedback, and support, and this is just another branch of that. We are excited to involve you in everything we are doing!


Clint and Chelsea

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  1. I have some experience. I emailed you. I'm happy for you guys, and the LDD community! It sounds like some exciting things are happening!